The Latest Project

The Latest Project

The Team

Nickname: stranger
Call him: grig
Date of Birth: late 70s
Height: 1.80
Weight: 75
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brownish


Women: Intelligent, sexy with beautiful eyes and legs
Cars: Volkswagen
Food: Beer, Chips
Music: Trance, Ambient
Books: "Neuromancer" by William Gibson
Movies: "Donnie Brasco"
URL: slashdot.org
Other Interesets: Science
Nickname: stealth
Call him: don't call
Stands on the land since: 1978
found as: stealth AT vision.am
Param->VSize: 5'77
Param->Weight: 132lbs
Eye color: #251717
Hair color: #190A0A


Women: !blond in most cases, fat women not welcome here :)
Cars: Italian, Deutsch
Foods: Beer, Nemiroff, pizza, large onion
Music: Classical, heavy metal, thrash, hard core
Books: Everything by Erich Maria Remark
Movies: "Meet Joe Black", "Knockin' Heaven's Door"
Games: UT
URL: you view it!
Interesets: $unusedSpace


Life: only one, live and enjoy
Work: Must be done if promised
Fun: Free time must be spent on it
Learn: What is wanted, not what is needed

Nickname: levontiy
Call him: levon[tiy]
Date of Birth: 30 April (the spring)
Height: 193
Weight: 85
Eye color: default
Hair color: default


Women: 2 please
Cars: Jeeps for $50.000
Foods: raw meat
Drink: lemonade for 50 dr
Book: Kernighan and Ritchie "The C Programming Language"
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